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If you’re thinking about possibly hiring an SEO company in Manchester to do an analysis and quote for SEO services, this could work out very well for you. What will the Manchester SEO company analysis reveal? Your SEO analysis could reveal some great opportunities for more profitable results from existing traffic as well as additional traffic.

  • Whether or not you’re getting traffic from local Manchester residents
  • Which keyword phrases your site is ranking for
  • What your bounce rate is
  • Which opportunities you’re missing out on
  • Where you could focus on increased traffic and success and more…

Where Is Your Traffic Coming From?

Do You Know How Many Unique Visitors You Get Each Day/Month?

If you’re a Manchester business, is this traffic coming from people in Manchester? SEO company reporting and analysis can help you effectively read your website traffic reports in an actionable way.

Keyword Phrases

If you want to target SEO in Manchester, the SEO company can help you with keyword research and integration of the right keyword phrases in the right places. They might suggest existing pages are optimized for more Manchester related keyword phrases. They might also suggest additional content is created to help you rank for more local and targeted keyword phrases that your potential customers are searching for.

As an example, a Manchester resident who is searching Google for an SEO won’t usually just type “SEO” into the search box, they will more likely type in “SEO Manchester” or even more localized, like “SEO Expert Manchester” for example. You need to be optimized for these exact terms in order to appear at the top of the search engine results.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate equates to the percentage of visitors that land on a page and leave the same page. A bounce is indicative of someone landing somewhere and not finding what they need. A tweak to your local SEO Manchester strategy could change that and reduce that bounce rate.

Missed Opportunities

If an SEO company in Manchester was receiving a lot of queries based on the phrase SEO company Manchester and that traffic landed on a page that was a dead end, without any call to action or useful information to the people landing there, the SEO company would be missing out on great opportunities. There could be situations like that happening on your website right now.

Increase Your Success Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

Most of all, there’s an even more important to talk to a local Manchester SEO company.

Manchester businesses who optimize for local traffic have a good chance of outranking competition, of a high rate of conversion, and of lowering their marketing costs. Search engine optimization is the best (and most cost-effective) way to attract the right visitors to your Manchester website.

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