Clutch Web Cures

As a company that’s specialized in SEO for nearly 5 years, we know what it takes to get our clients noticed online. We offer smart digital solutions that will help your business be seen by the right audience. We’re so focused on generating results for our partners that it’s not every day we have the opportunity to do the same for ourselves. But with Clutch, we’ve been able to do exactly that.

Clutch is a ratings and reviews platform for businesses in the IT services, advertising and marketing, and public relations industries. There are thousands of companies on their platform, making it challenging for firms to stand out from the rest. Through presenting our industry expertise and proving our ability to deliver quality results for our clients, however, Web Cures was able to rise above and become a leading firm in their coverage of SEO companies worldwide.

Our ‘industry expertise’ is evaluated through the list of services we offer, our esteemed client base, and examples of projects and press we’ve generated for our clients. On top of that, our ‘ability to deliver’ is evaluated through the personal interviews Clutch conducts with our clients over the phone.

Though it’s exciting to be recognized for our talent in the SEO and advertising industries, it is an even greater opportunity for us to hear firsthand from our clients about their experiences working with our company. Take a look at the first review we’ve collected on Clutch so far:

Web Cures Clutch

We’re proud to be featured on Clutch, a platform that, along with its sister website The Manifest, really does help buyers in their search for a qualified service provider. Like Clutch, The Manifest offers industry insights, how-to guides, and curated lists of the best B2B agencies (like advertising agencies in India)!

We would like to thank our clients for not only taking the time to connect with Clutch but also for being such awesome business partners throughout the years. Without your constant support, Web Cures would not be where it is today. As we continue to deliver quality results for our partners, our team is confident that our position on Clutch will only continue to rise until we have the #1 spot on their listing of the best SEO firms in India and beyond.