5 Common SEO Problems that are Holding you Back

You’ve invested a lot of money and time in a new website. You’ve worked with web designers and developers to transform your vision into a reality. After spending countless hours writing and refining content, you wait for some sales.

You wait for a month to get visitors, but despite all the sweat and hard work, there is no improvement in sales. You do not see any organic traffic on your website. There could be a lot of reasons why your website is not getting the desired results. Some of the common reasons are:

Page load speed

Page speed is a crucial factor that determines the success of your online sales. If it takes longer than a few seconds for your website pages to load, it can affect user experience badly. It is important to check that your website pages load faster. If you add new large files to your website, you should keep an eye on your page loading speed periodically. It can be a good idea to talk to Denver SEO optimization company to help you maintain a good page load speed for your website.

Focusing on unrealistic keywords

Most of the website owners make the mistake of choosing the wrong or very competitive keywords for SEO. Try to catch hold of the low hanging fruits and avoid choosing the keywords that are highly competitive in the industry. Think of including more specific terms of your offerings and pick the keywords wisely. If you are starting SEO for the first time, you can ask your Denver SEO optimization consultant to provide you a list of less competitive keywords and you can choose from that.

SEO Problem

Duplicate content

Duplicate content on your website does no good to anyone. Web crawlers hate duplicate content. Make sure that there is no duplicate content on your site. Hire professional SEO copywriter to produce content for your site. Do not copy content from other sources as it can hurt your rankings badly.

Your website doesn’t have much content

One can optimize the website using content only. If your website has hundreds of images, but no content, there’s no way your site can rank higher in Google and other search engines. Write content keeping in mind the target users and you will never go wrong. Content-rich websites are loved by Google, but make sure that your website has high quality and SEO -friendly content.

You don’t have resources for performing SEO

If you do not have expertise in SEO, you can hire Denver SEO optimization agencies to help you make the most out of your internet marketing strategies. Hiring a pro for your SEO campaign can help you pull the attention of the potential users and grow your sales. Conduct research online to choose the best SEO company in Denver.

So, what’re you waiting for? Start looking for an expert SEO firm in Denver and skyrocket your sales.

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Webcures is an inbound marketing manager with a wide range of experience in SEO, SMO, PPC and content marketing. He has worked with several large and small clients and helped them achieve their business goals.


Some website owners think that their website would rank higher on its own. Hiring Denver SEO optimization agency is important to make the website rank higher and also pull the targeted traffic to the site.

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Customers leave my website without buying – Can SEO help?

You’ve hired Denver SEO firm for designing your website and you wait for people to come and buy products. It’s been two months and there are no sales. People come to the store but leave the website without making a purchase. You think of hiring Denver SEO firm to help you get some conversions.

Here are some common reasons why your website fails to get conversions:

Local SEO Expert

  • Your website needs a clean and professionally designed logo in order to improve the look of your website.
  • Your home page should have a wow factor. Consider an eye catchy and attractive banner at the top of page. You can add images or animations to it.
  • Impressive banner on home page would increase the time people would spend on your website. Google prefers websites where visitors spend more time browsing.
  • It is important for your website to have valuable content for users.
  • Speed of your website matters a lot. Ensure that your website loads quickly as slow loading websites can hamper your business sales.
  • Website owners should keep checking their competitors’ websites on a regular basis to know how they attract the customers.
  • Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) to win over your targeted customers.
  • Product page should have unique and long descriptions along with all the details.
  • Make sure that you have a returns and exchange policy page where the terms and conditions are clearly mentioned.
  • Consider blogging regularly by posting informative content to your blog to pull the attention of visitors.
  • It is important to have high quality and unique Meta titles and descriptions. You can talk to Denver SEO firm to help you with the same.
  • Make sure that you use H1, H2, and H3 tags and include the relevant keywords in it.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and write unique and top quality content to make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.
  • Link building is something you cannot ignore. Make sure that your website has high quality backlinks from reputed sources. When we talk about backlinks, quality matters and not quantity.
  • Do not ignore the power of social media for improving your website sales.

If you haven’t started looking for an SEO agency for your business website, you’re surely missing a lot. An experienced SEO firm can help you make your dreams come true. It is imperative to hire the best SEO Company to conduct internet marketing services on your website and increase the conversions. Do some research and find the right agency for performing SEO on your website. When it comes to SEO, every little bit counts. No matter what your business goals may be, it is important to make sure that your website is in safe hands. Talk to a few SEO experts in Denver before choosing one. All the best.colorado springs seo company

The main goal of every online website is to generate sales. If you own a website that has a good number of visitors, but no conversions, then it’s time to think of hiring a professional Denver SEO firm to help you grow sales.

Chetan Sureja is a SEO professional at Web Cures a digital marketing agency that helps startups hack their growth. He helps small and large businesses generate good number of conversions.

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4 Easy Ways to Drive Traffic to your website

So, you’re a start-up and want to spread the word about your new business launch. You want to get a lot of traffic to your website and big sales. But a problem: You do not have a huge budget to hire Denver SEO agency. If you do not wish to hire a SEO company in Denver for the entire project, you can outsource only important aspects. There are many SEO firms that offer custom solutions matching the clients’ requirements and budget.

Here are some simple and easy ways to get traffic to your new store:

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Reach out to bloggers and press

You will have to spread the word about your website launch and this can be done through press releases. Local news sites and community papers can feature your unique store and help your business gets a boost initially. Write a good pitch and email it to the publishers. Seek help from Denver SEO agency if you do not know where you can post the content on PR and blogging sites.

Start-ups can also try blogging on other relevant blogging sites to get the maximum exposure. Getting coverage from a popular blog or press release website can boost your conversions. Blogging sites and press release sites have their audiences. Having an online presence at such platforms ensures that your website will get a good exposure.

Get friends and family to share

People do not launch businesses too frequently. You can spread the message across your circle and request your friends and family members to share it across social media platforms. You can talk about your store on Facebook and message your friends to share it on their Facebook profiles. This way, you will be getting popular over social media and you can expect visitors to your website.

Avoid asking your friends and family directly to buy your products or services. Instead, offer them products for free. All you should ask them is to share your updates on their social media profiles.

Proactively engage on social media

You don’t need to sell your products on social media, but you can engage with people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Be active in groups that are relevant to your business. Start posting updates about the offers and discounts related to your products and services. Talk to your Denver SEO consultant to know if they can help you with social media marketing.

Email marketing

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You can have a list of people whom you can send emails with the news of your website launch. You can buy email addresses and run email campaigns to let them know about your store launch. You can also ask SEO agency in Denver if they provide email marketing services. Make sure that you include a unsubscribe option in your email as some people do not appreciate unsolicited emails.

In a Nut Shell

A store launch is a great opportunity and you won’t have an excuse to reach out to a lot of people again. Try to reach out to as many people as you can and let them know that you have started a new business.

Start-ups may not have a lavish budget to spend for SEO or SMO services. They can look for Denver SEO agency that offers low-cost solutions to help to drive targeted traffic to the website. There are many SEO companies in Denver offering budget-friendly solutions for digital marketing.

Web cures is a SEO specialist and has worked with hundreds of clients to help them achieve their business goals. With an aim to help clients achieve the maximum ROI, he walks an extra mile to make the clients satisfied and happy.

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Battle your SEO enemies with these Colorado SEO tips

Why don’t planes crash often? The primary reason: checklists. Before the takeoff, the pilots check everything and make sure everything is in place. A pre-flight checklist is done to ensure everything is functioning as it should be.

Business owners who want to achieve great results with SEO should take a lesson here. It is important to have a checklist before you take off your SEO campaign. An SEO checklist will help you make sure that all the things are perfect, but there is no guarantee that SEO checklist will protect you from crashing.

Colorado Springs SEO

  1. Pick keywords to focus on

The first step to a successful SEO in Colorado campaign is to pick the right keywords. Using Google Keyword Planner, one can find the relevant keywords. Does some research for the keywords, check their competition, and choose the right ones before you plan your SEO strategy.

  1. Research the competition

You cannot just pick the most competitive keywords to work on. For instance, if you own a restaurant in Colorado, you cannot pick “Restaurant in Colorado” as your main keyword if you are beginning SEO on your website for the first time. The competitive keywords would take a long time to show up in searches. Hence, you need to do research and select the best keywords and key phrases relevant to your business.

  1. Write the best content

Once you have handpicked the keywords, you need to write informative and unique content. Do not make the mistake of copying the content from your competitors’ website. You can talk to Colorado SEO experts to help you with content. It is important to write user-friendly content.

  1. Pay attention to keyword density

You cannot use your targeted keywords fifty times on a page. This will not help your website rank higher and on the other hand, it will be considered as spam content. Spam can hurt your online reputation and rankings. Be smart enough to include the targeted keywords on the web pages.

  1. Put keyword in your page title and header

Your page title and header of the website should contain keywords in any form. Headers and sub-headers need to have keyword phrase at least once. The titles should be attractive and should tempt the users to click on it.

 Get external links

Google relies on external links to determine how good your post is. And does this make sense? You can talk about your skills and expertise, but no one will believe you. As soon as you have external links to your website, others would notice.

You need to conduct competitor analysis and know what your SEO enemies in order to stand out from the crowd. Hire the best Colorado Springs SEO company to help you plan the most effective campaign that boosts your sales in the minimum possible time. Learn from your competitors and find ways to overtake them with the help of SEO.

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Competitor research is not about spying your opponent. It is a lot more that involves analyzing data and taking the right decisions.

Web Cures is a professional expert in Colorado. He is having around 12+ years of experience in SEO services. No matter what your goals may be, he can help you achieve the best results with SEO.

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SEO is more than a number name: Find out how

Yes, you read that right. The real goal of any SEO campaign would be engagement. Colorado Springs SEO Company would focus on engaging your audience in the best possible manner. Though SEO experts help websites rank well in Google and other search engines and drive more and more customers to the business site, engaging the audiences to remain the top most priority of any SEO campaign.

An expert SEO practitioner uses white hat SEO techniques to help you accomplish the goals. The results would be focused on actual engagement and conversion. It is practically impossible to have conversions without engagement. Hence, we can say that customer engagement and conversions are inter-related to each other.

How can SEO engage?

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Engaging SEO means keeping the audiences interested in your products or services. Fans cannot engage if they cannot feel connected to your brand. They want to feel valued and hence, your website content and SEO efforts should be inclined towards making the visitors feel special. They should get the relevant information they are looking for. Once your website engages the target audience, people would love to talk and converse with you.

When SEO cannot engage

Because a lot of Colorado Springs SEO professionals focus on numbers, they fail to engage the audiences. The first and the foremost thing they try to do is increase the website rank in SERPs. They make use of the tactics to make the site rank higher. Achieving the top positions on search engines is important, but along with that, your website should be engaging and capable of attracting the potential users. Most of the SEO companies in Colorado Springs overlook the fact that engagement is the key to success when it comes to SEO.

SEO specialists believe that backlinks are a must for any SEO strategy. The fact is that you cannot rely on backlinks alone while performing SEO on a website. Dozens of backlinks to your website may not be able to help you in increasing the sales. The reason? The content written may be solely for the purpose of SEO or the sites on which they are published may not be the right option for real people.

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Poor quality articles and blogs cannot lead to conversion. It can harm your sales and brand reputation. You may be able to get a temporary boost in rankings, but no actual sales with it. Along with link building, many other SEO tactics should be employed in order to get results with SEO.

Does it mean SEO professionals should stop using link building? No, not at all. It does mean that the SEO strategy should be defined in such a way that it provides lasting value to the website owners. Rather than focusing on numbers-driven strategies, Colorado Springs SEO firms should use better tactics to get quality results.

So, it’s time to plan an effective SEO strategy, keeping in mind the ultimate goals of the website owners. A strong campaign involving the latest tactics can do wonders for your business growth.

When we talk about SEO, numbers come to our mind, which is wrong. SEO is a lot more than numbers. It’s all about quality and not quantity.

Web Cures is  SEO expert having 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing field. He works with clients closely to help them achieve their business goals and maximize sales.

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Top reasons why you should hire an expert Denver SEO consultant

Harry and Laura started their business on the same day. They hired developer to build their business websites. Laura hired SEO expert to create the buzz about his brand while Harry avoided hiring a SEO consultant in Denver as he thought that it would be a costly affair. Harry wanted to try his hands on SEO on his own. Two months passed by and Harry was disappointed to know that his website was doing no good to his business. On the other hand, Laura’s website was handled by SEO consultants Denver and it generated a lot of inquiries and conversions from the first month itself.

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Most of the website owners neglect SEO and this hurts their sales and brand reputation. When done correctly, SEO can bring a lot of value. It is important to hire a pro for performing SEO on your website.

SEO is not everyone’s cup of tea

You may be good at writing informative blogs and content, but that does not mean that you are able to perform SEO on your own. SEO is all about strategies and tactics. Planning an SEO campaign requires a lot of ground work. One needs to hire a proficient Denver SEO consultant to perform on-page and off-page SEO to optimize your website and pull the attention on the target users. When you hire the right professional for SEO in Denver, you can sit back and relax and all the technical aspects would be taken care of by expert SEO professionals.

The rules keep changing

Google algorithms keep changing every now and then. Business owners may not have the time and resources to keep an eye on the latest internet marketing algorithm changes. By hiring a pro, you can be assured that they know the latest Google updates and can perform SEO in the best possible way. You need to hire a reputed Denver SEO company so that you get the maximum benefits.

Mistakes can hurt you badly

Some common mistakes made by the business owners are stuffing keywords, duplicating content, getting artificial backlinks, or choosing the wrong keywords. Website owners may not know how to avoid these pitfalls. Hence, hiring Denver SEO consultants is essential.

SEO requires multiple tools

Don’t be surprised to know that SEO requires a wide range of tools. An effective SEO campaign involves keyword research tools, Analytics tool, and more. A professional SEO company Denver would already have invested in such tools and so, you can expect exceptional service.

Keep a track of competitors

denver seo company

Competitor analysis helps you keep an eye on what your competitors do in order to succeed. An experienced SEO expert would conduct competitor research and analysis to plan the best SEO strategy that helps you beat the competition and enjoy the maximum ROI.
If you haven’t taken any steps to improve your SEO, it’s time to look for an experienced professional to help you make your dreams come true.

If you want to rip the maximum benefits out of SEO, you should look for experienced and proficient SEO consultants Denver to help your business grow. SEO is a long term process and requires technical expertise.

Web Cures is an experienced SEO firm in Denver that focuses on helping clients’ business grows within a short span of time. He has worked with small and large businesses and helped them flourish.

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4 Handy Tips to Make your website ready for Christmas 2017

After Halloween, you should know it’s time to make your website ready for the holiday season. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year around the corner, website owners should make their website ready for the peak season. There are a lot of different improvements you can make to your business site to pull some additional sales and make huge profits. It is advisable to seek help from expert SEO consultants in Denver to make your business stand out and boost traffic and sales during the holiday season.

Alter your SEO

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SEO is something website owners should consider throughout the year, but as the festive season approaches, they can make some changes to their SEO strategies to pull the attention of more and more targeted users. You need to study the latest marketing trends followed by your competitors and make alterations accordingly. Figure out what products you wish to push and alter your SEO strategy revolving around those products only. Do not worry if you haven’t thought about it yet. You’ve got plenty of time to make changes in SEO strategy and Google would pick up your changes. You can expect great results when you hire the right SEO consultant Denver.

Leverage email marketing

One can also consider email marketing when it comes to spreading the word about the sales and discount offers. With Christmas 2017 fast approaching, you can start sending emails to your mailing list to let them know about the existing and upcoming Christmas offers your store would have. Announcing special offers can help you gain more visitors and enhance your sales.

Competitor research

It becomes important for every business owner to conduct competitor research to find out what special offers and promotions the competitors are offering. Sales and discounts are almost everywhere during the holiday season. So, interested buyers would compare the prices and offerings at almost all the possible places. For instance, if you are offering a branded speakerphone for $ 40.99 and your competitor advertises the same one for $ 35, a user would prefer to buy from your competitors’ website. So, you need to keep an eye on your competitors or ask Denver SEO Company to do so.

Social media advertising

Social media platforms are bombarded with loads of discounts and promotional offers during Christmas. If you want to promote your products to the online world, social media websites can help. You can start sharing updates related to your sales and promotions to the target audience and expect great sales. You can also use paid advertising options on social media to boost your profits during Christmas.

So, for that extra sale, you would need to be smart enough and study the latest market trends before you dive into it. Make sure that you plan the right campaign for pulling the attention of your target audience. It’s high time that you should start decorating your website with eye catchy banners and graphics to give it a fresh look and make money.

Christmas is the time when people love to shop. Hence, every website owner should start planning effective tactics and make the business site ready for Christmas. Hire the right SEO consultants to guide you through.

Web Cures is reliable internet marketing professional, aiming to help clients make the most out of the festive season. He plans the most effective SEO strategies to make your business stand out.


Just 3 Weeks To Black Friday: Make Your Ecommerce Website SEO Ready

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the greatest opportunities for eCommerce store owners to pull in sales. Online retailers are preparing their websites for the holiday season. Marketers and SEO experts in Colorado are focusing on helping clients generate a good amount of sales and profits during the holidays.

If you haven’t made your eCommerce website ready for Black Friday, it’s time to pull up your socks and hire an expert graphics designer and SEO company in Colorado to appeal to customers during the holiday season.


Supercharge Your Product Inventory

You can expect a huge number of customers to your website and so, you should check the product inventory and update it, if required. Before you build the hype about the discounts and promotional offers, you should check the products and update them on your website. The hot-selling products should be added to the home page where the visitors can see and buy directly. If some of the products are available in less quantity, you can let the visitors know by displaying ‘Few pieces left’ so that the interested buyers can speed up their purchase.

Keyword Research For Winning

Research is a must when it comes to optimizing your website for the holiday season. Choose the right keywords to attract the right audience and increase your sales. A good SEO consultant in Colorado can help you pick the right keywords and keywords for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You can focus on ‘long tail keywords to get discovered on search engines. Do not try to rank higher for very competitive keywords as you may not get the desired results.

Social Media Exposure

Use the power of social media to spread the word about the offers and promotions your eCommerce store has. Social media platforms such as FaceBook, LinkedIn, and Twitter can be used to let the target audience know about the deals on your website. You can also run contests to attract more and more customers to your web store. Most of the Colorado Springs SEO experts provide social media marketing services also. You can talk to the consultants and get an idea about their services.

Email Marketing Campaigns

COLORADO SPRINGS E-Commerce SEORunning email marketing campaigns can do wonders to your business during the holiday sales. Send emails to your users and update them about the latest offers on your eCommerce website. Ask your SEO company Colorado to create a high converting sales email and shoot emails to your existing and potential customers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be a hectic sales period and so, you can hire additional staff members to handle the customer service. It can be a good idea to look for temporary employees for the holiday season to make sure that the customers have a great and satisfactory shopping experience at your store. Train the staff members in advance so that no problems occur later on. So, what’re you waiting for? Hire the best SEO consultant in Colorado and gear up for Black Friday 2017. Chetan Sureja  is a content marketer and blogger. He loves to write about digital marketing and market trends.

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SEO Colorado Predictions 2018

We’ve already entered the final quarter of 2017, and it’s time to bid goodbye to 2017 soon. The coming year 2018 will be an ideal opportunity for digital marketers to promote and market businesses. 2016 and 2017 have witnessed a lot of major reforms in SEO. So, we can predict some changes that are going to occur in the upcoming year.

More focus on UX

Gone are the days when SEO was a job of IT team. Nowadays, it involves creative as well as technical skills. In other words, SEO is an art form that requires technical understanding, creative planning, and unique strategy and planning. User experience (UX) plays a major role in engaging the users. Create engaging content to attract the target audience. While planning a Colorado Springs SEO strategy, make sure that you focus on the end user experience.

SEO-Banner-Colorado Springs SEO Company


Users no longer want something that just looks good on their mobile devices, they also expect speed. Accelerated Mobile Pages is all set to take the center stage in 2018. AMP will have a great impact on website performance and search. If the users are abandoning slow loading websites, it’s time to pay special attention to mobile page speed and offer an exceptional experience to the users.

Beyond keywords and links

Search engines have been shifting their attention to the way in which users interact with the websites. Along with possessing on-site and off-site SEO skills, the SEO Colorado professionals should have knowledge of crafting quality content based on user behavior. Google is already devoting time and efforts to address the customers’ queries and growing needs, so why wouldn’t you? It is important to optimize your website in such a way that both search engines, as well as users, understand your products and services.

Investment in content developers

Crafting the best content for your website is important. Hiring an experienced content developer will be essential to produce unique and high-quality content for your business website. You can ask SEO Colorado professionals if they have a content writing team or ask them for references for someone who can develop content for your business. The editorial and content development team should be able to produce attractive content providing authentic information on important subjects related to your industry.

Voice Search

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, industry experts expect voice search to be the future of search by users. Google focuses on increasing the accuracy of voice search as more and more people are using this feature instead of typing on mobile device or desktop to search something. Websites that aren’t reachable with voice searches are likely to lose rankings in 2018. It is important to optimize your website for Voice search to achieve better rankings in the search engines.

Final Words

2018 is going to be a revolutionary year bringing a lot many changes in the SEO industry. Let’s wait to watch these new changes and discover how they affect businesses.

Industry experts believe that a lot of changes will be seen in the SEO field in 2018. As technology advances, there will be major changes that will offer users ease of use. It’s time when business owners should pull up their socks and keep an eye on the latest SEO trends for 2018.

Web Cures is passionate about digital marketing and helps brands achieve their business goals. He stays updated with the latest advancements in the field of SEO and internet marketing to make sure that he’s not left behind in the race.


Best strategies for hiring the right Los Angeles SEO firm

Though there are several Los Angeles SEO firms online, hiring the best one for your project can be a tedious task. You cannot just hire an SEO firm you come across as it is the question of your brand reputation. If you want to make your website rank higher in Google and drive targeted traffic to your website, it is essential to hunt for reliable SEO companies to plan the best strategy to help your business grow.

The world is popping up with new SEO companies nearly every day. You may find it challenging to choose to hire the best company. You may be tempted to hire Los Angeles SEO firm that quotes cheaper prices, but it can be risky. Avoid hiring the first company you come across and do your homework to hire the best company for performing SEO for your website.

Decide What You Need and Define Your Business Goals

You cannot just start contacting SEO companies without knowing what exactly you require. The first step to every successful marketing campaign is to have a clear goal in mind before you start interviewing candidates. Based on your business objectives, you can determine what internet marketing services would you need. For example PPC, link building, on and off page SEO, social media marketing, or more.


Start Consulting Industry Experts

Once you have decided what you need from Los Angeles SEO firm, you can start contacting them personally via phone calls, emails, or IM. Talk to few companies to get an idea about the services they offer. Most of the companies provide detailed proposals to the clients without any charges. As it is a no-obligation proposal, you can contact them and request one. Remember that SEO company may take a few days to come up with a proposal.

Listen to their stories

You can talk to professionals and talk to them about their SEO strategies, their best and worst experiences, and get information about their core values as well. This will help you understand them better.

Get references

Hiring an unknown company may be a stressful task for most businesses. You would need to know whether the company understands the basic internet marketing and SEO. Getting past client references will help you build trust when you hire an SEO company for the first time. Ask the professionals to provide client references so that you can contact them to find out whether satisfactory services were provided to them.

images (4)

Wrap Up

Not hiring a good SEO firm in Los Angeles may hurt your business sales. Hence, you need to choose to employ the best SEO company to help your business progress rather than backtrack. SEO is a long-term affair and costs significant dollars every month too. So, business owners should spend some time doing research for hiring a reliable and reputed agency for internet marketing. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for an experienced and professional company for performing SEO on your website and helping your business reach new heights.

Your business needs a reliable Los Angeles SEO firm in order to increase the sales. One needs to make sure that your SEO campaign is in safe hands. Ask yourself what you need and hunt for the best SEO firm.

Web Cures is a leading internet marketing firm delivering outstanding solutions for the clients across the globe. The company has passionate professionals who are always on their toes to bring out the hidden potentials in the lives of a website owner.

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Top 3 Reasons why you aren’t seeing SEO results

The whole point of putting time, money, and efforts into SEO is to get some results. May it be results for making your website rank higher in search engines or attracting the target audience to your business site. You can begin to question the tactics you have been using or look for an experienced SEO Los Angeles to help you achieve your business goals.


When it comes to SEO, some business owners feel that they can perform internet marketing on their own, and get amazing results within a few months. But if you aren’t seeing any results with SEO, then it’s time to hire someone who is good at internet marketing. There’s no point in pumping your resources who do not have any experience with SEO. Every business is different and so are the business goals. Hence, even hen same amount of efforts are spent on two different websites, SEO results may vary. For instance, if you own a restaurant business, and your friend owns an eCommerce portal to sell goods, your results may vary significantly even if the same SEO consultant Los Angeles performs SEO on both the websites. SEO results for both the websites would be achieved at a different pace.

Let’s talk about a few reasons why your website isn’t generating SEO results.

Reason 1: Not spending enough money

Yes, nobody wants to spend a lot of money on SEO if they don’t get the ROI. Website owners will have to spend a good amount of money to hire a professional and experienced SEO consultant in Los Angeles who can put in hard work and dedication to help them achieve good returns.

Avoid hiring cheap SEO professionals as they could be using black hat SEO techniques. Do not trust an SEO company that claims to deliver excellent results in just a few weeks. SEO is no magic and no one can make your website rank high in Google overnight. A wrong decision of hiring the wrong SEO professional can tatter your website rankings.

Reason 2: Your website is bad

Nobody likes to walk inside a dirty and filthy restaurant. Similarly, nobody would like to visit your website if it looks shabby. Design features and SEO go hand in hand. You should think about the visitors while designing the website. Having an easy to navigate and user-friendly website can do wonders for your business when proper SEO tactics are used. Your website will be in good books of Google when it has awesome design features.

Reason 3: Not enough content

seo_servicesBy content on your website, we mean website content and blogs. Lack of content on site can be one of the major reasons why your website isn’t seeing any results with SEO. One needs to hire an expert SEO consultant Los Angeles to post relevant and informative content through a blog. When you have a blog, and you constantly update it, Google feels that your website is active and alive. SEO results may be slow, but if you aren’t seeing any results until 3 months, it’s time to hire a professional SEO consultant Los Angeles to implement better strategies to ensure that you get awesome results with internet marketing.

Web Cures specializes in SEO and digital marketing services. With 10+ years of experience in internet marketing, he puts in the best efforts to help you get desired results with SEO.

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Preparing your website for the holidays: It’s not too early

Christmas is just around the corner. Of course, the festive season is on your mind. It’s time to prep up your website with an amazing design and SEO. Christmas and New Year – Just the perfect time to pull the attention of the target audience. As this is the time when people do not mind spending some extra money, you should look for an expert company for SEO in Los Angeles California. There are tremendous opportunities in store for every business.

3D word SEO with Target and Dart isolated on na white background

3D word SEO with Target and Dart isolated on na white background

Holiday Season is Very Profitable

Industry experts know that holiday sales in the month of November and December increased by 30-40%. So, it is important for every website owner to have an eye catchy and attractive website that is indexed in Google and other places. If your goal is to maximize the sales during the holiday season, you should have to plan the most effective strategies for SEO Los Angeles.

Do You Have a Website?

If you don’t have a business website yet, you should immediately look for quick solutions to help you design your website. Having an online presence is important in today’s competitive and this is the first step towards success. You cannot wait for 15 days or a month to get your website up. Hence, you can look for online website builders to create the site. There are many DIY website builders to the rescue.


Does Your Website Need Updating?

If you already have a website, you can think of updating it to maximize your holiday profits. You should talk to knowledgeable SEO in Los Angeles California experts to get an idea of different ways to improve the effectiveness of your website. Make sure that your website is optimized for all major mobile devices available.

Let’s talk about some amazing ideas to start with your holiday preparations:

List Building

If you want to generate leads and sales, you would need the email addresses of people who may be interested in your products or services. Having a newsletter for sign up on your website can be a great idea to make a difference to your holiday sales. You can send weekly promotions via emails and attract the potential clients to your website.

Another great idea to create a mailing list can be to give away a free ebook on a subject that is irresistible to all the visitors on your website, but the condition is that they will have to provide their email address and ebook would be emailed to them. You can get suggestions from SEO experts in Los Angeles to drive potential customers to your site.

SEO For All Pages

SEO is something you will have to work on to drive traffic. Talk to your SEO company Los Angeles and ask them what strategies they would be using to draw organic traffic to your website to increase your holiday sales. You need a smart strategy for SEO to maximize holiday profits.

Website owners should plan at least a few months before Christmas to perform SEO and other marketing tactics to maximize their profits. Employ the best SEO techniques to boost your sales.

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Avoid These SEO Marketing Los Angeles Mistakes

You may have spent thousands of dollars building your website, and hired an experienced SEO marketing Los Angeles company. But if you are no getting good ROI, it’s time to think what went wrong. SEO involves different strategies and you need to make sure that proper strategies are implemented to help you get the desired results.

Here Are Some Common SEO Mistakes That One Should Avoid:

Duplicate Or Bad Content

Some website owners feel that they do not have the expertise to write content and so, they tend to use duplicate content that is taken from competitors’ websites. Doing this can weaken your SEO strength. Search engines are becoming smarter day by day. If they notice that your website has duplicate or poor quality content, they can penalize your business site. While writing content for your website, you should conduct research about the keywords and topics and produce fresh and useful content that is loved by search engines and is user-friendly also. You can ask SEO marketing Los Angeles to provide you references of some professional writers who can produce high quality and unique content.

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Underestimating The Power Of Keywords

Using the right keywords is the first step towards a successful SEO campaign. It is important to take keyword research seriously while planning an effective campaign for internet marketing. Keyword stuffing should be avoided as it is unethical and a hurt your online reputation. Your website can be blacklisted by search engines if you stuff keywords. Focus on producing keyword rich and valuable content for your website.

Not Having Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

You may have seen many websites having the same title tags for all the web pages. It is a damaging mistake that can have a great negative impact on your business. Every page should have a unique title, not just for SEO purpose, but also for someone who bookmarks your website. Meta descriptions are also very important. Make sure that each and every page of your website has a persuasive and unique meta description.

Focusing On Link Quantity Rather Than Link Quality

Though there are many ways to get high volumes of links, you should focus on the ones that lay emphasis on quality. There is no point in having hundreds of low-quality backlinks to your website. Only a few high-quality links from third parties can do wonders for your business.


Not Using The Power Of Social Media

Sharing content on social media platforms helps to generate awareness among the target clients. You can get the attention of thousands of visitors in just a fraction of seconds when you post updates on social media platforms. When you share content on such platforms, it is likely to get noticed by search engines and target audience. Hence, your sales would improve. Talk to SEO marketing LA company to plan an effective social media plan for your business.

If your SEO campaign is not helping you obtain a good amount of ROI, you’re surely losing a lot of business. You should discuss the same with SEO marketing Los Angeles professionals and make changes in your strategies.

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Top 3 Myths for SEO service in Los Angeles

Understanding the SEO industry is not an easy task. And if you’ve already decided to hire a company for SEO in Los Angeles, you would be aware of what SEO is and how it can help your business succeed online.

The fact is that there are several SEO myths prevalent in the industry. Most of the small business owners have myths about Search engine optimization. Some of the common myths and facts are listed below:

Myth: The more keywords you focus on, the better your SEO would be.


Truth: Using keywords without paying attention to the grammar will do no good to your SEO. In fact, it would be considered as keyword stuffing and your website may even get banned from some search engines. Google’s web crawlers can easily detect if the websites over-use keywords in an unnatural manner. Avoid using a lot of keywords in your web content, blog content, and meta descriptions.

Myth: Blogs will do magic to your SEO

Truth: For some reason, website owners think that posting blogs regularly can improve their SEO presence and pull the attention of visitors to their business site. The fact is that you need a good website along with a great internal blog to boost the rankings in Google and other search engines. If your website is new, then only blog posting cannot help. You would need to try blog content on external websites also in order to get some noticeable results.

Myth: You can get on page 1 of Google for $99

Truth: It’s practically not possible. You may have come across several ads online or received emails from SEO companies claiming that they can make your website get on the first page of Google at just $99. There are chances that professionals offering such SEO service in Los Angeles may use the spammy link and white hat SEO techniques. If someone guarantees page 1 rankings on Google, then there may be some catch.

Myth: Link Building is dead

Truth: Link building, when done correctly, can help your website rank higher in search engines. Many website owners feel that link building is no longer a good thing. The fact is that you need to focus on high-quality backlinks to get some visible results with SEO. You can talk to expert SEO professionals in Los Angeles to help you with quality link building.


Myth: Social networking doesn’t affect SEO

Truth: Social media activities can surely have a positive impact on your SEO. You would need to create profiles on social media websites and engage the audience. Keep posting relevant content on social networking sites and participate in groups to boost your SEO efforts.

There are several pitfalls and traps when you look for SEO service in Los Angeles. You should be smart enough to hire the best company for performing SEO on your website. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates, you need to hire someone who is experienced in providing good results and maximum ROI.

People who are non-SEO experts have several myths about it. One should stop believing in myths and look for facts when it comes to SEO service in Los Angeles. Talk to SEO experts to find out the truth.

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